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The experience your visitors want

Culture has never been so approachable


Every year, the cultural sector welcomes more and more enthusiasts of museums, monuments, archaeological sites and parks.

Working alongside the main players in the cultural world, Vivaticket has developed specific skills and know-how,
capable of meeting the needs of realities of all types and sizes.
The solutions developed by Vivaticket welcome millions of visitors every year. In addition to on-site ticket management, tickets can be sold online, allowing you to reduce queues at the entrance and waiting times.
You can also access quickly via apps, which is also useful for resource management.

To enhance the user experience, a single system also ensures access to multiple sites and integrates the possibility of management of prepared and available staff.

Thanks to the experience gained in the Culture market, Vivaticket can offer all its customers these skills:

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Resource Management

Manage all your resources, from tour guides to meeting rooms, all from a single platform, online and in real time.

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Upsell e Cross sell

Audioguides, books, catalogues, merchandising, everything within your reach, both online and at local checkouts.

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Manage your ticket office, warehouse and points of sale with a single technological solution.

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Groups and families

Speed up group ticket operations, help your families with hierarchical parent/child management, provide backoffice authorisations, and check for deferred payments.

The Louvre Museum, Armani Silos in Milan, the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, the Venice Biennale, the Luis Vuitton Foundation, the Manchester United Museum, the Mercedes Benz Foundation in Stuttgart and the Peggy Guggenheim in Venice are just some of the main customers in the cultural sector who have chosen Vivaticket.

And thanks to a long relationship with these customers, the group has been able to implement its skills and improve its offer. An advantage that has been reflected in the everyday life of these realities that, taking advantage of the growth of Vivaticket, have achieved surprising results.

success cases

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Louvre Museum

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Da Vinci’s Last Supper Museum

One of Da Vinci’s most renown masterpieces

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Tate Museum

Many artistic movements, a network of museums